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VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research): conference on Growth and SustainabilityVITO will organize the 4th edition of the international sustainability conference i-SUP (Innovation for Sustainable Production), from 1-3 September 2014. This edition of the conference will focus on Growth and how the Industry can pursue growth in close co-operation with innovation institutes...Antwerp – Mon, September 1st 2014

IMETE Summer School 2014: Resource Recovery from WastewaterUntil recently, wastewater treatment technologies were mainly focused on remediation. However, in recent years technologies for resource recovery from wastewater also became increasingly important as major economic and environmental drivers currently exist to develop better resource recovery...Gent – Mon, September 8th 2014

INNO INDIGO POLICY LINKING PROGRAMME CALL - BIOTECHNOLOGY IN THE FIELD OF HEALTHINDIGO POLICY Linking Programme will support the establishment of multilateral virtual laboratories, involving minimum 2 European and 1 Indian research teams in biotechnology in the field of health. Mon, September 29th 2014

BICC&I & JET AIRWAYS SCRIPTUM AWARD CONTEST 2014 Since 2006 the BICC&I extends on yearly basis the BICC&I & Jet Airways Scriptum Award for the best contribution to bilateral socio-economic exchanges between Belgium, as a Gateway to Europe, and India, according to some criteria. A jury composed of professors and high level CEO’s decide on who...Fri, October 10th 2014

INNO INDIGO Joint Call 2014 - Clean Water and HealthWithin the framework of the INDIGO Partnership Programme (IPP), a EU-India joint call for proposals on « Clean Water and Health » is now open! Deadline for submission: 15 October 2014 (12 :00 CET / 15 :30 IST)Wed, October 15th 2014

BICC&I SEMINAR: Catching the Indian Tiger More info on website BICC&I.Brussels – Tue, October 21st 2014

The India Platform at the European Higher Education Fair 2014The India Platform will participate at the European Higher Education Fair India 2014. This fair will promote the European Higher Education in India by providing a platform for European Union Member States and Higher Education Institutions to showcase their education opportunities and facilities.New Delhi – Sun, November 30th 2014

Health Care Ventures Visit IndiaThe India Platform and A&B partners would like to invite clinical experts, health care professionals, researchers and companies from different European countries to join us in a Health Care Ventures Visit to India from 13 to 21 December 2014.Delhi and Bangalore – Sat, December 13th 2014


Ghent University - The Knowledge Hub With Illustrious Alumni (01-11-2013)
The New Jeweller

Rethinking a Humboldtian Vision for the Twenty-First Century (01-06-2013)
Balagangadhara S.N.
International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

Thuis in een vreemde cultuur (05-05-2013)
Balagangadhara S.N., Sigyn Elst

A Fight For Harmony: Secularism and Its Problems in the Bababudangiri Hill (2013)
Rajaram Hegde, Sadananda Janekere
International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

Reform Discourse and Bhakti Literature (01-06-2013)
Polly Hazarika
International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

Understanding the “Semblance of Objectivity”: Critique, Genealogy and Ethical Action (01-06-2013)
Vivek Dhareshwar
International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

Colonialism and its Impact on India: A Critique of Pollock’s Hypothesis (01-06-2013)
Dunkin Jalki
International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

Rajakarana, Anubhava mattu Bauddhika Dasya: Gandhiya Hind Swaraj (01-01-2013)
Vivek Dhareshwar
Loka Jnana

Rahamat Tarikereyavara 'Karnatakada Sufigalu': Ondu Vimarshatmaka Odu (01-09-2013)
Mahesh Kumar C.S.
Loka Jnana

Aacharaneya Nirarthakate (01-05-2013)
Loka Jnana